Glad to Be a Beach Bum

Corfu turned out to be one of the best cities of this trip. I spent several days on the island with Gaby and Lisa, the Brazilian and German companions I met that week. Our last full day on Corfu was spent mostly on the beach. In the evening we walked into town and, after a […]

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A Quick Change of Plans

My new travel buddies and I only stayed in Tirana for one evening, then headed out early the next morning to catch a bus towards Sarande. It turned out to be quite literally the worst bus trip of my life, but for reasons I’d rather not get into. We made it to the city on […]

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Warning: NSFW

It’s difficult to say exactly how things would have been different had I stayed in Breshka Hostel, but switching to the Pirate Hostel seems to have worked out to my advantage. Yesterday I met up with two fellow travelers, a guy from Canada and a girl from Brazil. They were heading to Ada Bojana, a […]

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Take the Good With the Bad

I have been trying to update this blog for a few days, but I always get sidetracked somehow. Recently, upon switching hostels in the middle of my stay in Ulcinj (which I will cover in a bit), the only place my Chromebook is able to access the wifi is in the commons room. Solidarity is […]

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The Count of Montenegro

That is me: the Earl of Black Mountain. I am not entirely sure where I left off on my last blog, but it was probably sometime before I left Split. My intentions were to leave on a bus towards Podgorica around 2330 – which started off fine. The bus had a stopover in Dubrovnik, at […]

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UE in the EU

Well I finally managed to get into Croatia late in the evening. Simon, my Airbnb host, was kind enough to pick me up from the train station and give me a ride the 4km to his apartment. After a quick shower I left to meet up with Frane, the hostel owner I met last year. […]

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A Brief Respite in Wojcieszow

Can someone please correctly pronounce the name of the town in which I’m staying? The train ride from Wroclaw was, despite arriving an hour late and breaking down for half an hour in the middle of nowhere, surprisingly pleasant. It was relatively empty, so I was able to stretch out and even jump back and […]

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I Am Blogger, Hear Me Rant

Where do I begin? How about at the beginning. Wednesday night I was trying to plan my route out of Berlin and into Wroclaw, against my better judgement. I was intending to go to Krakow instead, but since I am meeting a friend after the weekend that lives close to Wroclaw, I decided that I […]

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