Beware the Budget Hostel

Bucharest is an amazing city, and I say that despite the negative connotations I had of it from last year. Granted, Bucharest itself had nothing to do with it, but my first impressions of Romania were quite unpleasant. By the time I actually made it into the capital, I had a fractured knee from the […]

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Comfort Food

It means different things to different people, and you should never judge someone on what they consider their favorites. Mine are: my mother’s lasagna (which nobody – including myself – will ever be able to reproduce) and…wait for it…Subway. Yes, Subway. Especially in the last nine months I lived in the states. I was staying […]

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Apollonian Tides

I have been busy lately. I stayed a few more days in Plovdid, occasionally hanging out with Yoanna. We walked for hours on Sunday, from the Old Town past Liberator’s Hill that we climbed the previous day to Leisure and Culture Park and then to the massive Rowing Canal by the Plovdiv Stadium. In the […]

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Ниш Eкспрес

In some ways I actually like the Cyrillic Alphabet better than Latin – or at least the distorted way English uses the Latin Alphabet. After spending the afternoon with Lola and saying out goodbyes I boarded a bus to Niš, Serbia. The title of this blog post is Cyrillic for Niš Express, the bus line […]

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Bigger Than Jesus

About twice as big, actually. The Millennium Cross in Skopje, which I finally made it around to visiting today, is a little over twice as big as the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. I think the two cities should combine tourism forces, fly the Christ statue over here, and nail it to the Millennium […]

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Error 404: Not Found

I am going to try something new with my two blogs websites. For those of your who wish to keep updated on my daily excursions and experiences, I will keep updating as a glorified travel journal. My itinerary and personal thoughts and feelings will be kept fairly up-to-date on this site, as I have […]

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Crossing the Styx

Wednesday I woke up early and shared a cab with other travelers from the hostel to the bus stop at the Skopje City Mall. There I met up with Aleksandra, a fellow couchsurfer, for an afternoon hike through Matka Canyon. We took the #60 bus all the way to the end of the line, then […]

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