Not Every Dog Has a Bagel On Its Tail

Let me start with a relevant anecdote: my new roommate at the hostel is from Germany. He arrived fairly late in the evening, so I didn’t have a chance to catch his name. The next morning after breakfast I was reading my Kindle and saw him getting ready to shower by wrapping a plastic bag around his leg, tying it off with a t-shirt. Now, usually I will just let odd behaviors like these go without another though, but my curiosity got the better of me in this case. He replied that he had a pretty bad injury and wanted to keep it as dry as possible while it healed. Fair enough. And how did he come about this leg injury? I could have guessed, but it still would have been surprising. His foot got stuck in a hole on a train platform at night, and he tripped and hit his leg on the cement. This is, of course, the EXACT SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME A YEAR AGO. I can only assume that he was on the same train, at the same stop, at the same time of night, and fell into the same hole that fractured my knee last year. Needless to say I was unable to stop laughing at the situation long enough to assure him that I wasn’t laughing at his misfortunes, but the sheer coincidence of it all. Come on, Romania, work on your infrastructure!

Aside from that, I have just been hanging out in Cluj. Actually, talked with the hostel owners the other day about staying for a few months. That, of course, would require some sort of income on my part. I have a few ideas that I’m going to try, but they assured me they could get me a visa and job fairly easily. Jobs for foreigners are usually on the lower end of the pay scale, and although saving some cash would be ideal at this point, I would settle for breaking even for a few months. I had originally planned a Workaway in Romania, but instead of working for free and having room and board covered, I would have to pay for everything but most likely make just enough money to cover expenses. Six of one, I guess…

But none of that is nearly decided yet. I’ve been hanging out with a new friend I made in Cluj, but as I said last year, discretion is the better part of amateur blogging. Details, should they ever be warranted, will arrive at a time in which I feel is appropriate. Regardless of the amount of time I spend in the same city, I am going to keep sending my sister postcards – probably about one each week. She shouldn’t have to suffer because of my irresponsible decisions. If anyone else would like written correspondence, feel free to ask nicely and I will consider it. Aside from all that, I haven’t much else to write. I need to find an old copy of my CV and get it to the hostel owners so they can start the employment-placement process. Cheers!

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  1. Thank you for the four postcards! I love reliving my travels through your eyes. In November I’m off for Portugal and then a cruise across the Atlantic to Rio. Wish our paths would cross. Have fun!!

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