I Promise Lemonade

Well, I’ve finally caught a small glimpse of the Cluj I used to know. Alice left for the weekend on a work team-building trip a few hours outside of town. She allowed me to stay in her place for a few more days while she was away. Those days were relatively uneventful. At one point while roaming the city alone I was invited by a Couchsurfer, Louis, to join him a few friends at a beer garden, but his phone apparently died and we could no longer coordinate. I walked around the city, mostly in the evening, to get a glimpse of the nightlife. Again, there really is not much to talk about.

Alice returned today, Sunday, September 18th. I packed up my things at about 1800 and hiked across town to…the Spot Cosy Hostel! This is the hostel I remember so fondly from last year. Everything, even the walk to the hostel (an obscure part of town north of the city center) brought back memories. The common room, the bedroom (although I’m not in the Red Room anymore), and the patio all reminded me of the great times I had on my previous visit – even the big Romanian owner that last year kept exclaiming “American, give me your glass!” every time my beer was empty while drinking on the deck. Ahh…good times.

Within just an hour of checking in I made a new friend. It occurs to me that we skipped introductions though. I’ll rectify that after I finish my blog (just got them: Daniel, Teegan, and Zach). He is a British math major who is going to Germany next week for a mental math competition. That is where they give you simple formulas – such as adding cube roots – and you must solve them in your head, without writing anything down. Quite an impressive feat, if you ask me. As of now our group has grown to four – an Aussie couple are here for a few days as well. We are planning a trip tomorrow to Hoia Forest – the most haunted forest in the world. Or in Romania, I forget. We are trying to contact a gentleman online that offers night tours through the forest. We read that the most haunted spot is called Poiana Rotunda. Please, please, please open the link and read the visitor reviews. Oh, my they are hilarious.

So that is the plan, but only for tomorrow evening. I am not too sure what else we are going to plan (possibly an escape room; I’m two for two with those in the United States), but now that I have other travelers around I’m sure adventure will ensue. I’m still not sure about the workaway I had hoped for near Brasov, but I will contact them in a few days one last time before finding another host. Hopefully when I write another post in several days I will have much more about which to talk. Cheers!

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