Standing Outside a Broken ATM With No Money in My Hand

Now there’s an obscure reference. But I did have a bit (more) ATM troubles here in Bucharest. It turns out this time it was the fault of my online bank, and luckily was quickly remedied with one simple text message. Thankfully, because I had but 10 Lei to my name upon my arrival in Romania.

Last night I learned how to play a German dice game with seven other travelers. A drinking dice game, of course. Midnight was quiet time, so we decided to head to a club on the beach. The bar we chose was literally ON THE BEACH. Almost all of the floor was sand, and they offered chairs and small tables near the water. We drank and talked culture (among other topics) until about 0200, then headed back to the hostel. I then met three other guys from France that were coincidentally heading to Bucharest in the morning. With a little research and help from the hostel owner we came to the conclusion that splitting a taxi for the 300km would cost about the same as a bus (two buses, actually. There’s a transfer in Ruse). So in the morning we had the hostel worker book us a taxi. Unfortunately it had to drive FROM Ruse to Varna, then from Varna to Ruse to Bucharest. We didn’t wind up leaving until a little after 1300. Still, I’m sure we saved quite a bit of time by getting private transport, especially at the border crossing.

After walking through Old Town Bucharest for a bit…and trying multiple ATMs until I fixed the error and had some success…I ate dinner at a local pub called Jack’s. It was tasty, but a bit expensive. From there I walked along the long road to the Parliament Building. I trekked this same road about three times last year during my visit to Bucharest, and it brought back some memories I didn’t even remember I had. It still seems like such a long time ago. I picked X Hostel as a place to sleep. It’s cheap, near the city center, and there are quite a few people here. All in all, worth it. I tried to find the hostel I slept in last year, but it doesn’t seem to be listed on any of the booking sites. I can only assume it has since closed, which is a shame because apart from the distance it was a decent hostel.

Now I need to figure out where I’m going after Bucharest. I want to choose a smaller town, possibly working my way northwest towards Cluj. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Addendum: Today is Friday, 9th September. I left the hostel at 1000 to get a quick bite to eat before my scheduled appointment at Urban Hairdressers. I haven’t had a haircut since Albania! It was a little expensive, at 40 Lei, but still cheaper than my haircuts in the States. Afterwards I found a place – finally – that would laminate my diploma. I’ve been walking around for the past three months with it just sitting unprotected in my backpack. From there I trekked across town to the nearest post office. Every time I get to a new place I have to send out at least one postcard. I decided to send two more from Bucharest. The recipients should have them in the United States in about one month.

I think I may venture outside later to once again wander the Old Town at night. There is a plethora of clubs, bars, and pubs, but I’ll most likely just spend an hour walking around. Until that time comes I’m going to find a ride and place to stay in another town in Romania, possibly Brasov. Also, I need to figure out what I’m doing about a workaway program for the next month or so. I guess I’ll start that now!

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