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I am going to try something new with my two blogs websites. For those of your who wish to keep updated on my daily excursions and experiences, I will keep updating as a glorified travel journal. My itinerary and personal thoughts and feelings will be kept fairly up-to-date on this site, as I have been doing for well over a year now. However, I am going to change the format of my other blog, Obviously there is no reason to keep the same information on two separate sites, as I have been doing thus far. I am still not certain about just what to include in the other site, but I feel it is going to be an amalgamation of different ideas. This includes, but is not limited to, short stories (both fiction and non-fiction), travel tips and tricks, and hopefully some posts from some of the many interesting people I meet while on the road.

I am doing this to accomplish several issues that have arisen with the blog-writing process in recent months. First, as previously stated, there is simply no point in posting the same journal entry twice. It’s not very time-consuming to cut and paste, but still unnecessary. Also, I am hoping to have one blog raise the viewer count of the other, and vice versa. Of course, only friends and family are really interested in my daily activities abroad. Conversely, travelers (current and hopeful) would benefit more from helpful tips on the towns and cities I visit. And lastly, I am hoping to incorporate some outside views on The Rihla, whether it be historical viewpoints from the locals, stories from other travelers, or anything else that may be of interest to random readers. This will require me to change the login/password so that anyone from anywhere may log in at anytime in order to add their wisdom. I personally have already decided on my first few posts for the new blog, the issue now is simply sitting down and writing them out – a process that takes too much time for an active traveler. I feel I may have to schedule myself one full day each week in which to sit down and produce publishable material. This process is still in the beginning stages, so it will most likely evolve over the coming weeks/months/years into something that can be read and appreciated by just about anyone the world over. In the immediate future, I am going to delete all posts (save for the introduction) to The Rihla, tweak the layout a bit, alter the password to something I can freely distribute, and hopefully by the end of this evening it will be raring to go!

I welcome any feedback on the new blog, and as soon as I have it up and running I would appreciate all friends and family to post about anything travel-related!

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