Coping with Dysentery on the Balkan Trail

Well I made it back to Tirana today. The bus ride here from Berat was actually quite enjoyable (comparatively). As the heading implies, I’ve had some type of stomach bug for the past 10 days or so. It wasn’t too debilitating, mostly just inconvenient. I finally decided that it wasn’t going away on its own, and it would be best to take some antibiotics. Thankfully, Albania is the Mexico of the Balkan States, and for about 500 Leke I was able to purchase a three-day supply of azithromycin. I am currently on day two, and have high hopes of the regimen working. Quite frankly, being in Albania with no insurance, I wouldn’t know what else to try if it didn’t.

Getting back to Tirana, I was able to spend more time exploring the city today than two weeks ago when Gaby, Lisa, and I first passed through for one evening. Lisa is leaving with her friend tomorrow to go hiking in the mountains; I will stay here for another night or two then head east to Ohrid, Macedonia. At this point it is a bit odd to think that I’ll be traveling alone again – I’ve been through three countries with the girls in the past two weeks. I’m sure it will get a bit lonely at some points, but I have no doubts I’ll easily make some new friends. After Macedonia I am looking at Serbia, Kosovo, and Bulgaria. I may start looking for a Workaway in one of those countries in order to stretch my funds a bit.

I guess this is going to be a relatively short blog post. There are about twenty people outside the hostel drinking the beer that they brew in-house and talking, so I may have to join them for an hour or so before heading to bed. I probably won’t have the need to write again until I am in another country. Cheers!

One thought on “Coping with Dysentery on the Balkan Trail

  1. Thank you for the postcard!! I love reading about your travels. I am headed off in November for a trip to Portugal and a transatlantic cruise to Rio by myself. Being alone for three weeks will be a learning experience.

    Macedonia will be another learning experience for you, as will Kosovo. I did all of them a few years ago and I am still talking about all I saw and learned. The world is a wonderful place to see!

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