Take the Good With the Bad

I have been trying to update this blog for a few days, but I always get sidetracked somehow. Recently, upon switching hostels in the middle of my stay in Ulcinj (which I will cover in a bit), the only place my Chromebook is able to access the wifi is in the commons room. Solidarity is almost impossible in this hostel, which is usually a good thing for the lonely traveler – unless you have something that needs to get done. It is just past 2000 right now, and I know that if I don’t finish this post within an hour it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I don’t remember where I left of, so I’ll just do a quick recap. Breshka hostel is one of the best hostels I’ve had to pleasure of patronizing. The brothers, Leo and Florian (Pjeter is their father) are quite accommodating. Even the Romanian employee, Dachiana, is incredibly eager to help out the guests when possible. Plus in the few nights I was there I made some really great traveler friends. Dachiana and I walked one day to Sunset Bar, a hell of a hike up through the castle on the coast, and enjoyed a few drinks in the afternoon. This occurred during the worst of my sickness, so I wasn’t able to enjoy it too much. Plus the margarita that I ordered came 20 minutes later and also it was a tequila sunrise. The next day her and I walked to Long Beach, about 3km away from town. Long beach itself is 13km long, and the different sections have different names. The beach where we swam is Miami Beach. True story.


Aside from those two outings, I hung out in the evenings with the many other travelers staying there. Saturday night we had a group of about 8 that drank at the hostel for a few hours then we all went to old town. For some reason the clubs were much quieter and less packed than on Friday night. We stopped at a shisha bar for a few drinks, then crossed the street for a 6D theater show. I have no idea how they get six dimensions out of it, but at only 2 Euro it was worth the five minute display. I returned earlier than the rest that evening, due to not being fully recovered from my sickness. I had trouble sleeping because this German guy in the same room insisted on cranking the A/C as high as it would go. Sometime around 0500, ten minutes after I finally put on more clothes to warm up, he threw a shoe at me because he thought I was snoring. Problem is, I wasn’t even sleeping.

That’s when I flipped some serious shit. I’m not even sorry in the slightest. I yelled at him as loud as I could for hitting me with a shoe, then proceeded to pack up my belongings. The hostel owner (Florian) gave me a refund for my next three nights, and I left for a competing hostel across town. In retrospect, I should have taken the dickhead’s shoe with me and tossed it in the garbage along the way. Throwing a shoe is NEVER acceptable, guys. And if some asshole does that very thing, then you really should kick him out instead of letting the model tenant leave at 0600 in the morning. Plus, I was only in your hostel for about three hours, so you really should have refunded that night as well.


The next day (or I guess later that day) I stayed in bed most of the day. I was way too tired to actually function in society. After dinner I did spend a few hours drinking beer with people from the new hostel: Pirate Hostel. I do like this hostel, but there are almost TOO many people here. Ideally you want a group of no more than ten that can go out and have fun together. Here it seems that there are so many people that several groups are formed each night. This doesn’t seem to be a planned affair, it’s just the law of numbers. Most people would rather hang out with small groups to feel that they play more of a role in the situation. Otherwise, the staff here is helpful and considerate. I would definitely recommend both Pirate and Breshka to anyone visiting Ulcinj, just stay away from German skinheads.


Today I hiked the Pine Forest. This trail starts in Old Town and takes you the back way to the Long Beach. I would suggest this for anyone that appreciates hiking…but please heed these words: DON’T WEAR FLIP-FLOPS. It was a bit more of a “hike” than I was expecting. The rocks along the trail are very rough, and even the cliff faces (some of which are able to be descended) are jagged rocks. It was a fairly challenging task in the midday sun, where one misstep in my old, worn flip-flops would have landed me down a 20-meter rock wall and into the choppy waters of the Adriatic.


I somehow survived my ordeal, and instead of taking the Pirate Hostel Owner’s (Diana) advice and hitchhiking toward the second part of Long Beach, I trekked back to town and had some pizza for lunch. Then took another nap. I am having a difficult time normalizing my sleep schedule. It’ still not yet 2100, and already there are four other people in the commons room with whom I’m attempting to have conversation while finishing this blog. I think I’m going to just post a few pics to appease my visual learners then call it a night!

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