A Brief Respite in Wojcieszow

Can someone please correctly pronounce the name of the town in which I’m staying?

The train ride from Wroclaw was, despite arriving an hour late and breaking down for half an hour in the middle of nowhere, surprisingly pleasant. It was relatively empty, so I was able to stretch out and even jump back and forth between the two sides in order to enjoy the beautiful Silesia Countryside. I arrived in Jelenia Gora Saturday night, and had just enough time to walk across town to the Tourist Office. The nice lady was able to recommend a hotel nearby that was quite nicer than the hostels to which I’ve grown accustomed. It was a relief to have my own room, if only for one night – and at 125 Zloty, it was only about $5 more per night than the hostel at which I stayed in Berlin. Hotel Europa was also very close to the center of town. The breakfast there had little to be desired, but some of it was still edible.

The night in which I arrived in Jelenia Gora turned out to coincide with an important Euro 2016 football match between Poland and Switzerland. The streets were almost completely devoid of life, except for the town square. Giant flat-screen TV’s were out, and it seems the whole town was there drinking and watching the game. For better or for worse, Poland won. The town erupted in cheers and singing, which carried on well into the early hours of the morning.

The next day was, of course, Sunday. Again the town seemed almost deserted. I soon figured out the reason: church. The people I did see in the streets were either coming from or going to church. Julia was picking me up later in the afternoon, so I left my backpack in the hotel luggage storage and adventured around town for a few hours. I made it a few kilometers south into a big park and even bigger cemetery. Polish people really take their burial monuments seriously.

Julia picked me up about an hour later, and after some shopping for dinner at the local supermarket we made it back to the tiny village in which she is living: Wojcieszow. Before cooking dinner we hiked the nearest mountain to watch the sunset. The landscapes here are so beautiful; I’d stay in Silesia forever if legally possible.

The next day I cooked us French Toast for breakfast, but we didn’t really do much of anything productive the rest of the day. Aside from taking an hour to re-pot her houseplants, we just watched several movies and enjoyed a relaxing, rainy Monday on the couch.

Today she had to work, so I have spent the morning organizing my belongings – moving them out of the hallway directly in front of the entrance where I tiredly dropped them on Sunday. I washed some dishes and cleaned up around the house a little bit. I was going to help her clear the weeds out of her “garden” (right now it’s just an immensely overgrown patch of weeds), but I can’t seem to find the keys to the tool shed that she gave me yesterday. I guess I’ll do that tomorrow and venture into the supermarket and the post office today.

I believe the plan is to take a few days this weekend to go hiking in the nearby mountain range. I will attempt to update my blog before that, but probably won’t bother unless something extraordinary happens. Otherwise it will probably be a week until you hear form me again. Cheers!

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