My Universe in a Nutshell

Well, today is my last day in Frieburg. After breakfast I walked Hanna to the train station. We ate lunch at a Subway (score!) then she boarded her train for Mannheim around noon. I returned to the hostel, since my bus doesn’t leave until 1730. After about an hour of research I decided on a hostel in Berlin. I am fairly certain after Berlin I am going to take another overnight bus into Krakow. I will most likely stay in Krakow for a few days. Thankfully, Poland is getting east enough to be pretty cheap. It is fairly easy to find a hostel there for less than 10€ a night. I may even stay in the same hostel I stayed in last year, since I met so many amaying people!

I am assuming, without actually confirming, that I will meet up with Julia (whom I met through Workaway last year) in Poland. She doesn’t live in Novy Kosciol any more, but still fairly close. Ideally I will stay with her for a few days to a week before heading down to Croatia. A road trip from Poland to Croatia is quite an endeavor, and I should probably give myself several days of extra time to make sure I can reach it in time. Unfortunately, I can’t really arrive early, as all the hostels are too expensive and also already fully booked due to the music festival. However, I may be able to stay a night or two in either Zagreb or Ljubljana, which are still quite a drive but the closest large cities to split – except maybe Sarajevo – if the need arises. I have kept in contact with a couchsurfer I met last year in Ljubljana, so I may send her a text and see if she is still in the area. I really enjoyed the capital of Slovenia, so I wouldn’t mind visiting it again before heading farther south.

There are still a bunch of people I would like to visit if time permits (damn Schengen). I have a few friends in Italy, several in Spain and Portugal, one or two in France, and a couple more spread out over Czech, Austria, and Hungary. I guess there is still plent of time to see those in central/eastern Europe. I just don’t know how feasible it would be to go any more west than I am right now. My plans have already diverged quite a bit from the initial ideas I had on ways to spend my first weeks in Europe. Now I am already leaving Frieburg, and looking at a map of Europe I realize this was probably my best chance to visit the outskirts of both France and Switzerland. I guess Heidelberg is still fairly close to the French border. I may take a day trip into western France depending on the bordering cities.

Hopefully tomorrow I will again have wifi and then be able to upload the multitude of photos I have taken in the past few days. Of course, I always wish I had remembered to take many more than I do, but a few is always better than none at all. With these updated plans, I may actually have the entire next month planned out almost entirely! I’ll just eventually need to find transportation south into Croatia, but aside from that I may not need to do much more planning, which is always the best way to travel. Nex time I write will be from Heidelberg. Cheers!

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