Ich Bin Ein Freiburger

Updating my blog over the next few days is going to be a bit difficult. The hostel at which I am staying does not offer wifi. Sure, it has internet connected to its computers down in the lobby, but these keyboards are confusing as hell. First of all, instead of CTRL, it has STRG – which sounds very angry (i.e. German). Then there are three extra letters: Ö, Ü, and Ä. And worst of all the y and z letters are exchanged for each other. Oh, and it took me three minutes to locate and figure out how to implement the @ symbol in order to log into wordpress with my email.

Okay, so European keyboards are crazy backwards. I think I may have covered that last time I was traveling. Additionally, without wifi I will be unable to upload the plethora of pictures I have taken. I might have to find a McDonald’s just so I am able to have a few minutes of connectivity in order to post photos.

But back to the blog. I don’t remember when I left off last, but not a whole lot happened this past weekend. Saturday night I went to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, just to see what all the excitment was about. Honestly, didn’t much care for it. It was too crowded, too dirty, and too touristy. I was only there for about an hour, maybe two, just wandering around. I hadn’t eaten yet that day, so I had a kebap. They tried to rip me off by charging me for two, but caught the jerks. Then I wondered: how often do they get away with double-charging tourists? I don’t recommend the hash-and-hooker filled streets of that part of Amsterdam, but if ever you go there, keep an eye out for dishonest vendors.

Saturday night I went back to the apartment and had a few drinks with Jadu. He had to work Sunday morning so it didn’t turn out to be too crazy of an evening. Sunday while he was at work I did some laundry and packed everything up. He left for Paris for an art exhibition (oh, yeah, I forgot to mention earlier that he is an artist) around 1700, but my bus didn’t depart until 2330, so I stayed back and, well napped actually. It only took one wrong stop on the intercity trams for me to find the way to Sloterdijk Station. The bus wound up being over an hour late. About 50 people were waiting for the bus, outside in the cold rain at 0100, before it finally showed up. Then I was off to Germany!

The bus stopped several times along the way to pick up new passengers. We made it to Frankfurt at about 0700, and I had a two-hour stopover until my bus for Freiburg arrived. I spent those two hours in the massive train\bus station eating some breakfast and walking around it just to get a quick idea of the city. I finally made it to Freiburg at about 1400 and walked the 3km to my home for the next few days, the Black Forest Hostel. The hostel itself is quite nice: great location, acceptable price, awesome commons room (which honestly can make or break a good hostel). Also, it is the ONLY hostel in Freiburg. The only downside is the lack of wifi. I mean, this is 2016 – it’s really not too much to ask for a little connectivity. Anyway, other than that I like it here. Of course, I’ll only be staying for about two more nights.

Yesterday I walked around the city just a little. I wandered around the university close to the center of town. It’s cute, but so incredibly small compared to Arizona State. Later in the evening, probably around 2000, I went across the street to a pizzaria and had a few beers with some local Germans that were watching the Italy\Belgium football match. From what little English they spoke they seemed really nice.

Today I awoke at 0700 somehow and after showering went for a hike. A very serious hike. Behind the hostel is a mountain that has some great views from atop. You can see the entire city if you can manage the climb. I got a bit lost of the multitude of winding trails, and when it started to rain I took shelter under the awning of what appeared to be a mini-golf shop (I forgot my umbrella). After ten minutes it cleared up a bit and I was able to make my way down into the city. I exited the forest\mountain at a little bridge spanning what looks to be a main thoroughfare, though I wouldn’t call it a highway. By a series of stairways it led into the square in front of the main church in town. The church wasn’t open (may have been too early, or May be closed all day on Tuesday), but many local vendors were setting up shop in the square. They were selling food, spices, flowers, children’s toys, and souveniers. I wanted to eat but they were yet finished setting up, so I think that is where I’ll go for lunch here in a bit.

I guess that is about everything that has happened thus far. I’m back at the hostel now, and Hanna should be here in a few short hours. Until then I will probably head back to the town center to get some food and probably more pictures of the locals. Also, it has been brought to my attention that Facebook may not be posting my blog updates, so if you are reading this feel free to check the previous entries to see if there is anything you may have missed. I think the last one was Thursday or Friday of last week. I will try to post more tomorrow. Cheers!

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