I Love the Smell of French Toast in the Morning. It Smells Like…Victory

Does anyone get the movie quote? I thought it was quite clever.

I slept in a bit today; I’m still a bit jet-lagged. Around 1100 I ventured back to the Albert Cuyp Marketplace. Here is the website and a video of it being organized in the morning. I had to buy a new outlet converter for my Chromebook in order to charge it, which was only 4 Euros. More importantly, Jadu suggested a nice little cafe in which to eat: Cafe Trust. Their theme is “come as you are, pay as you feel.” So basically, they cook for you and you pay them whatever you feel your meal was worth. I had French Toast, which I must say was much better than expected. I probably paid more than I would have at another cafe, but the idea was worth it.

After lunch I walked around the city more. I sat on a park bench in Sarphati Park for about an hour, listening to my music, people-watching, and just enjoying the weather. A few blocks away I found a shop called Het Ijspaleis and ordered what I’m sure will be the first of many bowls of gelato. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I spent about one more hour in the city before returning home for a nap (still trying to work out my sleep schedule). I bought a bus ticket to Freiburg for Sunday evening. It leaves around midnight and takes over 13 hours to arrive, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep Sunday night. I’m meeting Hanna there on Tuesday, so I had to buy an extra night at the Black Forest Hostel (Monday night). This is surprisingly the only hostel in Freiburg. I also hopefully reserved a hostel via Airbnb in Croatia during the music festival. Four nights in a hostel cost as much as admission to the music festival. Now I remember why I enjoyed Romania and Ukraine so much more than many other countries: extremely cheap food and lodging. Although if I remember correctly the hostel in Freiburg is only 17 Euro each night – not too bad considering the location.

So that’s the plan thus far. Tomorrow I’m making it a point to check out the red-light district, because…I can’t leave without at least seeing it. Then Sunday I’m off to Germany, where I will be for about a week. I think the plan is to visit Heidelburg for a day or two afterwards. I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be heading from there. I think I’ll have about a month before I need to be in Croatia. I haven’t decided whether to head south to Italy or east through Czech and Poland, but I’m sure I’ll have it all figured out within a week.

Ooh, I just realized it’s my birthday in four days. Woo.

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