A Brief Respite in Wojcieszow

Can someone please correctly pronounce the name of the town in which I’m staying? The train ride from Wroclaw was, despite arriving an hour late and breaking down for half an hour in the middle of nowhere, surprisingly pleasant. It was relatively empty, so I was able to stretch out and even jump back and […]

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I Am Blogger, Hear Me Rant

Where do I begin? How about at the beginning. Wednesday night I was trying to plan my route out of Berlin and into Wroclaw, against my better judgement. I was intending to go to Krakow instead, but since I am meeting a friend after the weekend that lives close to Wroclaw, I decided that I […]

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Neunundneunzig Luftballons

Today is my last day in Berlin – my last day in Germany. I have a blablacar ride here in a few short hours to Wroclaw. I was going to skip Wroclaw and go to Krakow, since during my last trip it was one of my favorite cities, but I plan on meeting up with […]

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Schloss Heidelberg

Well I made it to Heidelberg! I got here fairly late on the night of the 16th, so I checked in and just walked around the block before the sun went down. One of my roommates was a German student that was taking the entrance exam at the university to start his master’s program for […]

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My Universe in a Nutshell

Well, today is my last day in Frieburg. After breakfast I walked Hanna to the train station. We ate lunch at a Subway (score!) then she boarded her train for Mannheim around noon. I returned to the hostel, since my bus doesn’t leave until 1730. After about an hour of research I decided on a […]

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Geburtstag in Deutschland

After my post yesterday afternoon I ventured back into downtown Frieburg. I wandered around the many vendor stalls surrounding the church, and finally settled on a bratwurst for lunch. Local food always seems to be the most delicious, and usually the cheapest. I couldn’t read the descriptions, though, so I just pointed to what I […]

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Ich Bin Ein Freiburger

Updating my blog over the next few days is going to be a bit difficult. The hostel at which I am staying does not offer wifi. Sure, it has internet connected to its computers down in the lobby, but these keyboards are confusing as hell. First of all, instead of CTRL, it has STRG – […]

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