Ten Days in Arizona

Okay, technically it’s 11 days and change. Regardless, I have actually not come to terms with the fact that, barring any drastic change in plans, I will not be in this country much longer. It still seems a bit unreal. I am excited and nervous at the same time – a bit intimidated by the idea that I may not return to the United States for quite some time.

A quick recap on finances (for my own benefit, really). I have $6000 in an offshore savings account (it’s British, not Panamanian). I’m still confident that I will be able to amass another $2000 before I leave, plus the $3000 that I’m owed for…well, miscellaneous debts. Mostly from the sale of my vehicle. Unfortunately, debts can not be included in my total until they  are paid – if they are paid.  Any other time, residual income would be acceptable. This is not the case when I’m half a world away. Money is really the biggest of my worries, although I know it shouldn’t be. I could easily last a full year with $10k (assuming no other income during my first year). Still, I would feel more comfortable with twice that. And to consider that I never had a savings until I wanted to travel, and in seven months I was able to save about $8000, I guess the ratio is about one year of saving for a year and a half of travel. I know this is all irrelevant, since the wheels are already in motion, but I find it interesting to consider.

Anyway, I talked with a good friend of mine from Germany recently. She is going to show me around for about a week or two. I may head east directly from Amsterdam. Since another friend from Paris won’t be in France while I’m there, I see no point in going there for now. At least not Paris. I would still like to head south at some point for Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Currently I believe I will spend a week or two in Germany with my friend, then slowly head south towards Croatia. After the music festival in July I believe I may head north into Poland to see another friend for a week or two. I’m not completely sure on the itinerary yet, but that’s what makes for the best travel stories.

I don’t have much new insight to give for this blog yet. I am going to keep it short – mainly I’m updating it for my own interests. I have finished loading up my backpack. There seems to be a bit less in there than during my last trip, except for shirts. I couldn’t decide which shirts to bring, so I have about 10 t-shirts. I can always lighten the load later if necessary. The 40 snack bars I stuffed into the top pouch are quite heavy cumulatively, but they immensely convenient last time I traveled. I guess that is pretty much all I have to say this evening. I will most likely write once more before I leave the state of Arizona and a few times while in Pennsylvania with family.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog! Right now these two are just about the same, except the other one is newer and only has a few recent posts. However, this will hopefully change in the future, with this site being a bit more personal and the other site more for stories (some possibly fictional). I’ve not completely decided, but then again I’ve not completely decided on just about anything. Please feel free to comment on my blogs!





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