There’s An East Wind Coming

Today is Sunday, April 24th, 2016 (when I started this draft). This means I have less than one month left in Arizona, and only about two weeks longer in the United States. I still have yet to fully appreciate the ramifications of my decision of permanent travel. There are still many loose ends that need to be tied before I leave the country.  I’m still in the (painful) process of obtaining a duplicate car title from Pennsylvania so that I am able to sell my vehicle. I have also spent the past week or so throwing or giving away everything that I’ve come to accumulate over the past thirty plus years. This has proven to be quite the difficult task. On my previous journey, I knew I was coming home and kept many  sentimental artifacts. I don’t have the same luxury this time around. I have managed to fit everything I may or may not see again into two medium-sized moving boxes, plus a small box of olde-tyme (sic) photos – analog pictures from before the time of cell phones.

What to pack and what to leave behind – that is the difficult question. This time around I decided on more clothes and less of everything else. The one exception being those apple protein bars I took last time. I stocked up about 40 of those for the top pouch of my backpack. However, it’s difficult to choose which clothes to bring with me. I have so many – and so many I would like to keep – that it’s a chore deciding which few to pack and which to give away. This is especially true of my dress clothes. I had so many nice shirts that have only been worn a few times. I’m sure I won’t miss them once I’m on the road, but I’ll regret donating them until then. I guess Tyler Durden was right: “things you own end up owning you.”

I spent the better part of the afternoon finishing as many errands as possible. I had to stock up on a few toiletries for my journey. Afterwards I took about an hour to pack my backpack. I am probably 90% packed, but there are still several items that I use daily that I won’t be able to pack until the day my trip starts. These are mostly just device charges and some bathroom items like razors. Otherwise, I have a full pack and may remove some items over the next few weeks, just to cut down on the weight. 65 liters fill up fast!

Regardless of the changes I make in my packing decisions, I have all but finished the process. This means that I am one step closer to being a homeless vagabond. The thought of such a future makes me quite apprehensive – possibly even more so than excited. On the other hand, the thought of staying here is downright depressing. Save for a few friends and family members (a very few of each), there is really nothing for me here anymore.

That is all I have for now. In a little over 25 days I will be driving cross-country with Chris. I’ll be in Pennsylvania for about two weeks before flying out of Philly (via Chicago) and into Amsterdam. I don’t plan on staying there too long; Amsterdam is entirely too touristy for my tastes. But I have friends in the Netherlands, France, and Germany that I would like to visit before heading east. Those are the only plans to date.

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