“The Rihla” and Other Updates

So my initial vacation date has been pushed back by one week. Instead of leaving Arizona on the 14th I will be here until the 21st. This essentially just nets me one more week of income and one less week with family.

But enough about that. I have decided to pay for specific domain names for this blog, as well as another I have started that I plan to host, in the hopes of eventually generating some income from online traffic. Once I am actually in the process of travelling I will have to update these blogs more often with wild adventures, pictures, and insights into life on the road. For now, here are the websites on which you should be keeping tabs:




I have named my alternate blog “The Rihla.” This is in honor of Ibn Battuta, a 14th century Moroccan traveler. It translates into “The Journey,” and while it may have had Islamic connotations before, I assure you my journey is completely secular. The other blog is turning out to be a bit of a process, so it is not nearly ready to be released upon the public. Hopefully I will have it set up in the next week. Until then, I leave you with Ibn Battuta’s incredibly appropriate quote when he began his adventure:

“I set out alone, having neither fellow-traveler in whose companionship I might find cheer, nor caravan whose part I might join, but swayed by an overmastering impulse within me and a desire long-cherished in my bosom to visit these illustrious sanctuaries. So I braced my resolution to quit my dear ones, female and male, and forsook my home as birds forsake their nests. My parents being yet in the bonds of life, it weighed sorely upon me to part from them, and both they and I were afflicted with sorrow at this separation.”

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