There have been a couple changes since my last blog. First and foremost, I found a way to get from Arizona to Pennsylvania without flying. Coincidentally, my best friend needs to be in Connecticut by the end of May. We are going to take his VW van on a cross-country road trip! This effects my trip in two ways. First, I will be leaving two weeks earlier than previously planned. I am now scheduled to leave Arizona on May 15th. Second, I will miss out on two weeks of income. That can be anywhere from $1000 – $1500, so I’ll need to work as much as possible during the remaining time I do have.

I only have about $5000 saved up thus far, which is quite far from my goal of $10000. However, saving the rest in the next 52 days isn’t entirely unfeasible. That’s a bit over 7 weeks of work. Soon all my monthly bills we be paid forever. I have but one more rent payment, and soon I will cancel my car and dental insurances. I have already purchased all the big-ticket items I need for my travels. My Chromebook was fairly expensive, but well worth every penny. Plus I’ll get a small kick-back on my new credit card soon, then never use it again. Also, my current roommate is paying me $2000 for my car and some furniture. I was hoping that would be in addition to $10k in savings, but I’ll take what I can get.

So that’s the new updated plan. Leave here on the 15th of May, take about a week to drive across the United States, spend about two weeks with family, then fly from Philadelphia (to Chicago) to Amsterdam. I probably won’t stay more than a few days in Netherlands before heading south. I made a few friends last year through Couchsurfing that live in the area, so I’m going to try to hang out with them a few days. Otherwise, the hostels in Amsterdam are too expensive, especially during the weekends.

52 days!!!!

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