Who Wants to Visit Europe?

So it is now official: I’m going back to Europe. I bought my plane ticket yesterday! I am flying out of Philadelphia on June 8th and into Amsterdam. After arriving in Amsterdam I will slowly head south towards Italy and Croatia, hopefully visiting up to 7 new countries along the way.

And the best part of the entire situation: I only spent $5.60 on the plane ticket. I am essentially flying across the Atlantic Ocean for free. Otherwise, I only have about a third of my intended financial savings at this point, but I paid off several bills in advance and made a few other highly-secure transactions that will slowly filter a return income over the next three months. Being conservative, though, would require about $50/day of savings in order to reach my goal. Not an impossible feat, but not an incredibly easy one, either.

But enough about finances. Does anyone want to travel to Amsterdam with me? I am offering to give you my limited, yet still quite useful, expertise on how to travel on the cheap. I’m of course not charging for this, but I’m also not paying for it. I will help you with all I can, but you are still expected to pay your own way. The co-traveling will probably only last two to three weeks, after which time you are more than welcome to travel on your own (I recommend this above all else). Still, in the first three weeks of travel I plan to see at least 5 different countries. While traveling, I much prefer the small villages to the big cities, but you can’t easily get to the countryside without visiting a city first. Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and….and…it seemed like there was one more, but I can’t recall at the moment. From there, possible Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and then who knows.

If anyone wants to inquire, just message me on here or Facebook. I would assume a total of $1500 would be enough, as long as you can get some of the same travel awards that I did. If not, that price will probably only pay for your flights. I really would enjoy traveling with a friend for a short time, but I would also really enjoy just flying solo. Therefor, the outcome is of little consequence to my trip. Just thought I would be nice and offer this amazing opportunity.

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