And Now For Something Only Slightly Different

I thought I would try something new. It may work out, it may not. More importantly, I’m not letting it change my plans at all. But I am offering the opportunity of a lifetime to one or two fortunate individuals: a trip with me to Europe! All you have to do is let me know you are interested and I’ll make sure you know everything necessary for international travels before June. I’ll depart upon you my vast knowledge of how to travel for cheap (I don’t know everything, but I know enough to save a ton of cash). Then we can spend a few glorious weeks together backpacking around and experiencing the best of what Europe has to offer in the short time that I’ll be able to put up with a travel buddy before unexpectedly ditching you in a back alley at night in a rough part of the former Soviet Union. Most of that may or may not happen. In all honesty, if one or two of my many readers would care to join me on an excursion into the unknown, just message me and we’ll discuss what it would take. It’s cheaper than you think!

I still haven’t picked a landing spot yet, but I think I want to stay in mainland Europe. I heard Spain was nice. France and Germany are also in my top list. Flying into Western Europe is usually cheaper than Eastern Europe, and transportation is a simple, if yet uncomfortable, endeavor. So I will probably fly into one of those three countries, spend about a week there, then head west with no formal plan. Regardless, I will be making a decision on this matter in the near future. To get the best airline flight price I’ll probably buy my ticket before March.

Currently I have but one time and place reserved for a specific function. A friend I made in Croatia informed me of a carnival happening in Split in mid-July. It’s called Ultra Europe, and the festival looks crazy enough that I may not survive. Meh. Aside from this particular event, I have friends I’d enjoy seeing in almost every country. Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, Czech and Germany. I may spend as much as six months in Europe, before heading even farther west. My biggest goal is to avoid the trains AT ALL COST and get around with BlaBlaCar. Might try hitch-hiking again, too…that turned into a pretty crazy story once.

So those are the current plans (or lack thereof). With my recent income tax refund, I have saved up about half of my goal. If I stop wasting money – like this crazy week – I may have quite a bit more to fund the first year of what hopefully turns into a RTW trip. If anyone wants to join me for a few weeks, contact me soon!

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New Year Update

Welcome to 2016! I haven’t written in awhile, simply because there isn’t too much new information towards my travel plans. Regardless, I feel like keeping my adoring public updated. First things first, I think I am going to start a new blog. It will probably be on the same site, and of course linked to […]

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