Updated Travel Plans

I feel it is time to update my hopeful travel plans for the future. I was recently forwarded an offer by my sister for discounted tickets to New Zealand, and also had a travel friend say they would be there at the same time and would like to meet up. Therefor, it is necessary to inform all interested parties of a change in plans.

Unfortunately, New Zealand is no longer an option. Sure, it is financially possible, in the short term. And sure, I’m going to severely miss traveling with my best friend for a month or two (he’s going for three months). However, my long-term goals have changed dramatically recently and can no longer include a vacation.

So I’ll just get right to the point: I will  hopefully travel forever. I’m going to save up as much as possible for the next 7-8 months, then sell my car and electronics, get a TEFL certificate, and explore the world. Current plans (although plans can change quickly) are to start in Europe for a few months to see all my travel friends while I have money saved. After that I would like to pass through Turkey and into Iran to see a really good friend in Isfahan. From there I’ll eventually work my way through India and into SE Asia – probably South Korea – to teach English as a foreign language.

Again, I really have no clue where I will be in a year, but it had better not be the United States. The truth is that domesticated life bores the hell out of me, and I feel trapped staying in the same place for too long. I’m not deluding myself into thinking that constantly traveling will be easy or always fun, but it sure beats what I’m doing now. So I’m going to take my Physics degree and teach English for awhile. Can’t wait to see all my friends in Europe!

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