Fear and Loathing in Kyiv

Yesterday was a fun day. I started off the morning by walking through the city. I mean REALLY walking through the city. I was genuinely lost for about two hours, but I found some great photo opportunities. I also found out later that while I was only three blocks or so from the Parliament building there were massive protests and a few small explosions. I hadn’t heard anything, and didn’t know about it until I returned to hostel. I might venture over there today to see, from a distance, what a real protest looks like.

That evening I went to the Island later in the day with about 8 other people from the hostel (half of which work here). We went to a popular bar on the beach and drank beer while watching ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” on a projection screen. The film was in English, but dubbed over louder in Russian, so not the most enjoyable situation, but still fun. We all hung out on the beach for about an hour after the movie, then took the scenic walk home. About halfway was stopped for burgers at a little shop that looked more like a public restroom.

Today: I’m not sure yet. It’s only 1100, and I’ve already eaten lunch. Tomorrow I will be taking a day trip to Chernobyl. It’s an expensive endeavour, but I’m a huge fan of the history. I couldn’t pass up a chance I may never get again.

I think that is everything thus far. Short update but I may or may not get a chance to write again for awhile…

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