Layover in Belgrade

Well, I replaced my keyboard, and this one is waterproof. I have about another hour and a half to waste at a McDonald’s, so I’ll attempt to remember where I left off and what all happened the past week or so. My last night in Budapest I went over to Jorge’s house, where he made […]

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Budapest in Three Days

Unfortunately, for reasons I will discuss later, I can no longer use my tablet this trip. So I am writing this on a Hungarian keyboard. A very weird Hungarian keyboard. So I believe I last wrote in Krakow. I miss Krakow. I had quite a bit of fun there. The bus to Budapest was departing […]

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So Many Farewells

Yesterday started out fairly early. I had a few ideas for activities for the girls and I, but they didn’t wake up until after noon. They went for lunch and I left at 1400 with the Holland Group for the beach. Okay, it was just a lake with a few sandy spots, but it was […]

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Nightlife in Krakow

I’m going to try to type this up tonight, despite my lack of sleep and excessive number of drinks in the past few days. I would just like to take this time to reiterate that not only do I not have a spell-check, but I don’t even take the time to proof-read my posts. I […]

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