Sleep as a Catch-22

Well, I made a choice last night and paid for it today. If you recall, I was horribly tired yesterday. I should have slept, but I don’t want to be passed out when opportunity knocks. I had a log of salami and some cheese, as well as different crackers, so I made a plate of snacks for Aimee and myself while we talked about travel experiences over a bottle of vodka. Eventually we wound up taking turns playing classic rock music videos on my tablet and singing along. Then the vodka ran out. So we started on one of the gifts I had bought for my sister, which I was afraid was going to happen when I bought just one. We were up having fun until about 0230, when other travelers started coming back. At that point it was quiet time, which was a good idea after all the drinks.

I woke up either hung over or still drunk. Aimee had to meet her ride to the airport in Independence Square, and I went along because I had to replace my sister’s present. Luckily the stall was still there on the pedestrian street. I came back to the hostel and started reading my book to relax…and passed out. For most of the day. So I didn’t want to sleep last night to have fun, and then had to sleep all day to recover. No regrets.

Later in the evening I met up with Lada and her brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. She is flying to Kazakstan tomorrow for a few days, then London. She is such a sweet lady. After saying goodbye I decided to hit up an ATM. I’m out of cash and need to pay the hostel. The first one limited my withdrawal to 500 Hryvnia. 500? My bank will  charge me 100 just to use a foreign ATM. Moving on to the next one, I could not seem to find the English button. I thought I could work through it from intuition, but at one point there were only two options. I tried both and both just returned my card. Moving on to the next one, it kept telling me that my transaction was invalid. Now I was startin to get a bit worried. Finally, the fourth ATM gave me the 1000 Hryvnia I wanted. Finally.

Now I’m back at the hostel contemplating what to do for the next few days. Odessa? Chernobly? Not sure, but trust that I’ll blog it as soon as I know!

Addendum: Why have I purchased/acquired so many gifts just for my sister? Part of it is due to the fact that, as a fellow traveler, I feel she would appreciate them more than anyone I know. Part of it is because she won’t correct me for ending a sentence in a preposition, even though that is something she’s really big on. But mostly, the checklist and water sample pouch she gave me for this trip has been the best conversation starter in the history of ever. Thanks Angie!!

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