The Paris of the East

Yesterday, I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I hoped it could be.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I did rest my knee most of the day, and it feels much better for it. At one point I walked to the supermarket for some groceries for the rest of my stay here in Bucharest. That evening I hung out at the hostel with two French girls. We just stayed up and talked until about 0100. That was pretty much my entire day.

Today I tried to organize the last few parts of my journey. I got a rideshare to Cluj tomorrow. I will probably stay about three days then work my way to Kiev somehow; it’s still a good distance away. I do have a workaway set up for about a week while in Kiev. Mostly because I’m running low on funds. I’ll write about it when I get there.

I took a cab into the city this afternoon and walked around. The cabs here are so cheap. It was only 7 RON, which is about $2.50, for the several kilometers into the town center. I just ventured around aimlessly for about two hours, then came back for lunch. It’s starting to rain now, so I may be stuck inside for the evening. There aren’t too many people booked into the hostel so far. My entire 8-bed dorm is empty right now. Not sure if I would rather it stay that way or not.

Tomorrow at noon I’m on my way to Cluj for only 15 Euro. This weekend is when I’ll be looking for a ride to Kiev, or at least closer to Kiev. The journey is coming to an end, but I’m almost looking forward to it. Traveling can be very mentally and physically exhausting.

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