July 6th – 8th 2015

I sincerely just had qutie possibly the best day of my entire trip, but I guess I should build up to that. Yesterday was Monday the 6th. I am still in the Blind Eye Hostel, but not too much happened that day. I walked to the corner pub in the afternoon for a burger and […]

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July 4th and 5th 2015

Saturday I really didn’t do too much. It was Erik’s birthday, and I assumed he would be partying or at the very least having a BBQ. I guess no such festivities occured. So I went to a small diner in Luziny and ate a chicken dish (actually the same one I had a few days […]

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July 1st-3rd 2015

The night of the 1st went well. I met Erik by the horse statue in the square and we picked up some food for grilling, then made our way up to Letna Park. There were five of us, and we conveniently set up camp right near an outside bar. We grilled sausages and chicken and […]

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June 30th and July 1st 2015

Nothing very notable occured yesterday. I enjoyed and afternoon beer or two at the docks in town and read more of my book. Later in the afternoon I ventured to a nearby diner and, using my phone to translate the menu for me, ordered a delicious fried chicken breast dinner with what I think were […]

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