The Beginning of the End

I awoke early this morning – I haven’t slept much in the past several nights. But it was fortunate, since I was able to enjoy the complimentary breakfast and a change of rooms was required upon extending my stay for an extra night. I spent much of the afternoon/early evening wandering the city, with a break for a tasty sushi lunch. I found a quaint little used book store than Angie would have loved, especially for the fat cat sitting in the window, staring at everyone in the streets. There were some old books in there from the 19th century, but all in Polish. I wasn’t even sure of the subjects.

Back at my hostel I finally caved: I ordered my plane tickets home. I wish this is something that could have been done in six months…indeed I could prolong my odyssey for another six months even with the limited funds available, but I feel the time was now for several reasons. I shan’t go into details, but family and a best friend convinced me that the time has come. I feel it’s for the greater good, because the sooner I return the sooner I can save up and leave again. However, not only am I afraid I won’t have nearly enough time to experience everything I wanted, but from now on the specific date of my depature will always be haunting me. That date isn’t anytime soon, but it isn’t that far from now. And I still had more than half a dozen countries I had hoped to visit.

Hopefully not permanently, but mentally that’s two incredibly difficult farewells in as many days. When I started I really expected travelling the world to be nothing but fun. Possibly a bit hectic and stressful at times, but mostly without a care in the world. Now my cares seem to encompass the entire world.

So I’ve bought my return tickets. All I will say is Kiev. Until then, I’m planning as little as possible, save for a possible workaway experience in Romania. That’s to be determined. Tomorrow I’m hitchhiking to Krakow. After a possible visit to Auschwitz I’ll be heading through Slovakia (although probably not, as originally planned, to Bratislava). Budapest will most likely be my next big stop. I’ll give that all the time it deserves (although that philosophy worked in the past, I guess I’m on a time constraint now) before heading to Croatia. I have a general idea of what to do from there and beyond, but that is still a week or two away. No rush. Except for the plane I now have to catch.

Every decision I make affects every decision I’ll make in the future.

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