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Okay, let’s start off with a joke. Maybe two, because I’m just that clever. The first full day we are in Dublin we are walking past a convenience store and I exclaim: “oh my god, gas is only $1.43 a gallon here!” Sarah is just stunned that it was that much cheaper in Europe.

Try this one: Julia, Dawid and I are in a mall to get them some sandals for their vacation in Croatia. There is a giant round support beam with a map of the store taped to it. He stops to look, but Julia and I didn’t notice and keep walking for about 15 seconds. When she realizes she asks where he went, to which I replied: he’s over there staring at a pole. No, wait…I meant a post. He’s not staring at someone who lives here.”

Okay, maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was funny. Just as funny as I thought saying Norwegians are from Norwegia used to be until I read a Polish map and they, in fact, spell it that way.

So, much has changed. I’ll recap the highlights and then move on to the changes likely to be made in the future posts. I don’t remember exactly where I left off, but I’m just giong to guess it was sometime close to the 23rd of July. The three of us drove into town to go shoe shopping. Then Dawid and I searched through stacks and stack of old newspapers in search of any historical references to his village. I was scanning everything that he found for future utilization. That night I made a lovely chicken cordon bleu dinenr for all of us. I think we may have had a few drinks with dinner, as per usual.

The next day I woke up, then took a nap, then biked 7km to a nearby town that I can’t spell without looking up. Dawid was working at the public swimming pool so I cooled off by taking a dip. After biking home I used the scythe the clear a huge portion of their yard of the chest-high weeds. Then Julia and I cut many, many apples for making for apple juice and butter while Dawid made homemade pesto to add to some pasta for dinner. It was delicious. Their friend that I had met last week was back in town. She is house-sitting while they are in Croatia. This was my last full day with my new best friends.

Sunday came all too quickly. They had a friend that was giving them a ride into the same town where Dawid and I were scanning archives. From there we caught a bus for about an hour and a half to Wroclaw. Dawid met up with a friend, so Julia and I ate some burgers and of course got some ice cream then just relaxed on a small island in the center of town where all the college kids go to drink (it the only place the police allow drinking in public). We threw out our sleeping bags (the grass was pretty dirty) and just chilled for about an hour, staring at the clouds. We met back up with Dawid and said our goodbyes and parted ways, hopefully not for the last time. I found a nearby hostel, Cinnamon Hostel, right by the city center. I spent most of the evening walking around town. It’s quite pretty here. I was recommended a bar called Czupitol. One of the items on my checklist from Angie is to eat/drink something on fire. Well, I sure did. The first one I had was Sambuca, which I don’t really care for but was still fun to watch the bartender prepare. Then I had a shot called a “Szatan” that was vodka and absinthe. It tasted better than the former. There were other travellers in the bar with me, and they ordered something that required them to roast marshmallows by lighting strong liquor on fire right on the bartop – quite entertaining.

I returned to the hostel and met my roommate. He is a teacher from Washington state, heading to Prague soon. We had plenty of time to offer each other travel advice for the full hour that our power was out. That brings us up to date. It is almost 2300, and I have not slept much in three days. I’d like to see the city nightlife here, but maybe I’ll just stay an extra day and check it out tomorrow…

Once again I am alone. I almost forgot that I was traveling solitary. I made two very amazing friends in the two weeks that I stayed with Dawid and Julia. After two weeks, lots of ice cream references (the frozen treat, I assure you), even more that’s what she said replies, and some of the best days (and nights) of my entire life, I was really sad to see them go. Nowy Kosciol village will always be remembered fondly, but I’ll greatly miss those two.

But enough with the depressing bits. I’m not exactly pleased with the way this blog is turning out. I’m not sure why though. It could be the format, the layout, the setup, or whatever you want to call it, but I want to change somethings. First and foremost, I’m not posting dates anymore. I may occasionally reference a specific date to establish a time frame, but I know I want the titles to represent in some way what I’m going to talk about. And I’d rather not just list everything that I’ve done in temporal order. It’s a process, but hopefully things will change with a little trial-and-error.

Little tidbits:

I bought six post cards today to mail out, and with the postage they cost just about as much as my hostel for one night. I think I’m heading to Krakow soon, then Auschwitz. I plan on actually hitch hiking this time. I think it’s about 300km to Krakow from Wroclaw.

I had a sudden realization today that I’m no longer afraid of ordering food even with the language barrier. That only took two months to overcome. I also finally feel like less of a tourist and more of a traveller. I’m planning less and less with each day, and just figuring I’ll wing it and solve any problem that happens to arise. So far everything has worked in my favor. Additionally, I have no apprehension in starting up a conversation with a complete stranger. Not that I had any when talking to a stranger, but starting a conversation is different then having one started for you. I’ve really learned a lot about life, people, the world, and myself in the past two months. I always look forward to the next adventure. I was also recently harshly reminded that time is the most expensive commodity. But for one glorious night, everything was perfect, if only in one universe.

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