July 19th – 20th 2015

The BBQ last night was a drastic failure, but only in the sense that we couldn’t cook the sausages outdoors. We lit a bonfire, but it started raining fast and hard. Just the way we like it. So we attempted to move the whole setup onto a portable grill inside the garage (sorry – carhole). But because of the smoke we had to keep the door open, and the wind was just a little too much for the entire operation. So the wind and the rain forced us to cook the sausages on the stove. And they were still delicious. After dinner we watched a movie called “Birdman.” Weird, weird movie, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before. Still not sure what to think about it.

Today both Dawid and Julia stayed home to get some yardwork done. I helped out first by pulling all the extra cabbage plants from the garden, then Dawid and I finished chopping and stacking the last of the wood. Then Julia and I picked beans – a lot of beans. We had some for lunch with the sausage stew Dawid cooked yesterday. While working we also enjoyed fresh raspberries and blueberries from the garden. It’s a veritable garden of Eden here.

After the outside work was finished we had about six crates of apples that Julia collected from their trees. Dawid and I sat for about an hour cutting them into smaller pieces to make apple juice and apple butter and anything else apple-flavored you can think of. They really are quite adept at taking anything and everything from their garden and turning it into absolute deliciousness.

In the evening we went for a nice, quiet, calm bike ride. Through treacherous forested mountains. I’ve never actually been mountain-biking before, and this was the epitome of off-roading. There were several points that I feared I would fall off and wake up at the bottom of the mountain. Somehow we all made it safely back to the starting point (safe, but eaten alive by horseflies). We made it back and had a few celabratory shots. Now Julia is cooking us what she promises will be the best apple pancakes in the history of ever.

Tomorrow I am joining Dawid in the rec center to give the kids an English lesson, along with stories and geography lessons about the United States. Then he is going to give all of us lessons on walking on stilts. Should be fun, and I’ll HOPEFULLY have pictures to prove my stories. I just today found out that the cheap 32Gb memory card that I bought right before my trip for my phone in order to store all my pictures had a maximum storage of about 4Gb, and when full would just overwrite new pictures with, well, any new pictures. So essentially I have no pics from the past three or four days. I replaced the memory card, so hopefully problem solved. Still, I had some nice photos I’d like to have shared with the world.

Well, I must be going now. Julia’s pancakes are just about ready, and then we are all sitting in the living room to watch our collective favorite movie – Interstellar. Tomorrow is another adventure!!

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