July 17th – 19th 2015

It looks like rain!

Dawid and Julia had practically made me a member of their household. I take turns accompanying each to their respective jobs. We cook, clean, chop wood, watch movies, go shopping, and most importantly drink together. Friday night we watched “Solaris” on their home projector. Good movie, but a bit confusing. Yesterday (the 18th) was a football match called the “Tantra Cup.” It was held in their village, but participants from half a dozen nearby villages attended. The matches lasted about all day, until about 2000, with a nice lunch provided in the middle. That evening there was a dance party with a DJ in the rec center. Much drinking and dancing ensued. And a slight headache this morning.

Today we all slept in. Julia and I dropped Dawid off at the rec center then drove down the road to a natural spring where we bottled about 10 liters of water. Then we picked up Dawid and headed to some medieval festival that was more akin to a hippy commune. We shot some arrows and bought some rapeseed oil, but didn’t stay too long. We went to a supermarket in Jelenia Gora before heading home. Now we are waiting for the storm to pass. The worst of it is several kilometers away, and something bad must have occured. There are emergency vehicles driving by, and all the dogs in the neighborhood are howling at them.

We picked up supplies at the supermarket to have a BBQ tonight. The storm seems to have passed, so hopefully we’ll start that soon. Meanwhile Dawid and I are cooking a sausage soup for tomorrow. I think after dinner we are watching another movie tonight. Should be fun. I really enjoy it here in Silesia, but I’ll be moving on in about a week. I think I’m heading to Krakow then down to Bratislava.

Correction: The cat’s name sounds like Pushkin, but it’s spelled Puszkin. Not sure if it means anything, and I’m too lazy to Google it right now.

Also: Has anyone checked Flikr to see if my photos are being posted? I’m not going to keep trying if nobody is even looking at them. Otherwise, you’ll have to facebook me to see all my pics.

I guess that is everything I have to say for now. My blog posts will probably be fairly boring for the next week. Not because I’m not having fun, but the fun I will be having isn’t going to sound exciting. I’ll still post occasionally, but really I’ll just be living a relatively quiet life in a small village in Poland…which is really what this whole trip was about in the first place.

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