July 9th and 10th 2015

Yesterday started off poorly. I woke up feeling horrible. I thought for sure it was strep throat. And I had to change rooms in the hostel, so I had to be up early to pack everything and move out just to wait four hours until I could check into the new room. All morning and even after checking in I had zero energy, debilitating headaches, horrible joint pain, and a thoat so sore I couldn’t even drink water. I couldn’t force myself out of bed to eat until about 1800. I was considering taking the antibiotics Chris brought me from Mexico, but I’m glad I saved them. Later in the evening I was feeling a bit better. A group of us formed in the hostel main room and decided to migrate to a bar a few blocks away for foosball and pool. At this point everyone was calling each other by their place of origin, as it just seemed easier than remembering a dozen names. I was playing pool with Holland against New York and Denmark. We won both games somehow.

We returned to the hostel basement bar and had a few beers and many of them decided to go out to a club. I decided to stay back with James and Aryana on their last night in Prague. I had just another beer or two then headed to bed. Thankfully I awoke this morning feeling MUCH better. I still don’t know what I had, but I hope it’s gone already. My lymph nodes are returning to normal size.

I had to switch rooms again this morning (my fault, as I keep renewing my stay daily, I’m limited by their available rooms). I left after packing and walked around looking for some lunch. I saw New York going into a Chinese place, so I joined him. I’m back at the hostel now, getting ready to check into my new room then figuring out what I want to do with the rest of the day. I tentatively plan on staying here until Sunday, then leaving early that day for Poland.

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