July 10th 2015

Today was a pretty awesome day as well. In fact, if I don’t force myself to leave here soon I may never do so. I believe the last time I wrote I was in the lounge waiting to be able to check into my new room. And I also think it was after lunch, yes? Well my new room is “pink A.” All of the rooms have colors and letters. Originally I was “blue E” and then “green C.” The colors are organized by floors. Floor 1 (not the ground floor) is pink, which is mostly girl dorms. The rest, I can only assume, are all mixed doorms. I have now stayed on every floor except orange, the top floor. Although originally most of my friends were staying on orange, which is just one big 18-bed mixed dorm on the top floor, so I spent some time there. It seems that every floor, including pink, has mixed rooms.

I skipped the hostel BBQ to go to the Black Light Theater in Prague. The show tonight was “Antologia.” It was incredibly entertaining, and if it’s possible to overdose on culture I may be pretty close. My favorite of the features was entitled “The Magician,” partly because it was excellent and partly because of the gorgeous girl that was the main character. I got there a little so I went to the Commuism Museum first, which turned out to be quite a bit more interesting than I had expected. They even had an exhibit on modern-day North Korea. I even had time to sit in the little theater and watch the mini-documentary on the Velvet Revolution in Prague. Quite Fascinating.

I took the metro back to Florenc, the closest station to the hostel, then showered and changed and went BACK to Florenc and took it a few more stops to go to a club called “Cross.” It seems to be a pretty awesome club, but even at midnight on Friday there weren’t all that many people there. Since I was alone and needed to pay 150 crowns just to get into the best rooms I decided against it. I had a beer then took the last metro home. When I got back a few fellow travellers were watching “Avatar” on the TV in the lounge, so I joined them (not remembering just how long that movie is). Finally it ended, then I decided to post to my blog.

I reserved one more day. Just one. Again, I have to move on soon or I never will. So I am finding a way (most likely hitchhiking) to Adrspach-Teplice on Sunday. Erik recommended both that and Cesky Krumlov. Unfortunately Cesky Krumlov is in the opposite direction that I intend to travel. Fortunately, Adrspach is in the exact direction I intend to travel. I think I’ve finally made up my mind on a workaway host, and should be in Silesia in a few days!

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