Schindler’s Krakow

Today was a solitary day – so far. I delved a bit deeper into the intricacies of Krakow. Early in the morning I wandered around the city square and eventually came upon a small diner serving breakfast. I ordered a caprese omelette and filled out the half dozen or so post cards I bought just […]

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Hitchhiking in Poland

Yesterday was a fun day. I left my hostel in the early afternoon and made my way to the bus station. From there I caught a but to Auchan, a huge shopping center on the outskirts of town. I walked across the overpass, to a nearby gas station, and began my effort to hitchhike the […]

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The Beginning of the End

I awoke early this morning – I haven’t slept much in the past several nights. But it was fortunate, since I was able to enjoy the complimentary breakfast and a change of rooms was required upon extending my stay for an extra night. I spent much of the afternoon/early evening wandering the city, with a […]

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Blog Overhaul

Okay, let’s start off with a joke. Maybe two, because I’m just that clever. The first full day we are in Dublin we are walking past a convenience store and I exclaim: “oh my god, gas is only $1.43 a gallon here!” Sarah is just stunned that it was that much cheaper in Europe. Try […]

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July 20th – 21st 2015

So yesterday we had delicious apple pancakes for dinner, prepared by Julia. These were more akin to American pancakes than the crepes I’ve been frequently eating this trip, which are also called pancakes. Afterwards we changed the movie selection and watched “In Bruges.” At least, I think that was the title. Really great movie about […]

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July 19th – 20th 2015

The BBQ last night was a drastic failure, but only in the sense that we couldn’t cook the sausages outdoors. We lit a bonfire, but it started raining fast and hard. Just the way we like it. So we attempted to move the whole setup onto a portable grill inside the garage (sorry – carhole). […]

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July 17th – 19th 2015

It looks like rain! Dawid and Julia had practically made me a member of their household. I take turns accompanying each to their respective jobs. We cook, clean, chop wood, watch movies, go shopping, and most importantly drink together. Friday night we watched “Solaris” on their home projector. Good movie, but a bit confusing. Yesterday […]

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July 11th-16th 2015

I recently had some troubles both with my tablet and with wifi connections, so I was unable to write for a few days. I’m going to try and recap as much as I can over the past week. I’ll start with Saturday, July 11th. It was my last full day in Prague. I had a […]

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July 10th 2015

Today was a pretty awesome day as well. In fact, if I don’t force myself to leave here soon I may never do so. I believe the last time I wrote I was in the lounge waiting to be able to check into my new room. And I also think it was after lunch, yes? […]

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July 9th and 10th 2015

Yesterday started off poorly. I woke up feeling horrible. I thought for sure it was strep throat. And I had to change rooms in the hostel, so I had to be up early to pack everything and move out just to wait four hours until I could check into the new room. All morning and […]

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