June 9th and 10th 2015

Today was yet another fairly uninteresting day occupied mostly by either travel or waiting to travel. I left the hostel at noon and started walking to my first pick-up point. Suffice it to say that Blablacar is quite helpful, but sometimes frustrating with a language barrier. So I was to meet a couple at one […]

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Tuesday, June 9th

It’s early morning here on my last few hours in Rimini. I had breakfast a few hours ago, and now I’m trying to fit in lunch. I’m going to be on the road for most of the day, so it’s now or never. First, I have a ride from Blablacar booked at 1430 (across town) […]

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8th June 2015

I’ve met some very interesting people so far. Yesterday I talked with a Swiss mountain-climber that was staying in the room across from me. He just finished climbing the highest peak in southern Italy. I decided to stay in Rimini a few extra days to relax, so Giuseppi and I are still sharing a room. […]

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June 6th 2015

Hell, what a crazy couple of days. On Thursday the 4th we left the hostel in Dublin about 0200 and headed to the airport. Our plane boarded for Rome and took off at 0700. Note for anyone looking for cheap airfare: with RyanAin, you get what you pay for, and usually you pay for a […]

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June 3rd 2015

Today was slightly less hectic than the previous two days. We still awoke fairly early and had a massive breakfast at the hostel then walked across town. Our first stop was the Viking/Medieval Museum, which turned out to be pretty awesome. The top floor covered ancient archaeological artifacts. From there we headed across the Riffey […]

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June 2nd 2015

Oh my, what a long day. We woke up early to meet Kayla, then had a huge breakfast at the hostel. Afterwards we walked through St. Stephen’s Greene towards the Guiness Storehouse. The Storehouse is seven stories high, and shaped like a giant pint glass. On the top floor is the Gravity Lounge, where each […]

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