June 29th 2015

I spend most of the morning/afternoon running errands and organizing everything. At about 1600 I took the train to the last stop on the yellow line, Zlicin. There is a fairly large shopping center there, and Iva had recommended I go there to have copies made of her apartment keys. I searched and searched but couldn’t seem to find the store that could copy keys. So I boarded the train again and took it all the way to the Karlovo Namesti station, right on the other side of the river. We had dinner at a place called Fresco Vento, and I ordered some delicious risotto with chicken and spinach. Afterwards we walked a few blocks to a shopping center and found a place to copy keys.

Returning home we dropped off the leftovers and changed into sneakers and went for a walk. Quite a walk. The name of the stop on the train where she lives is Luziny. I don’t know if that is the name for the area or not, but there is quite a bit of space out here. And the walk was just beautiful. Trees and ponds and streams and grassy fields and a gorgeous view of the valley – just amazing. The more and more I experience here the more and more I enjoy it here.

Next time I travel I’m going to have to buy an e-book. These books that I have now are quite cumbersome…

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