June 27th – 29th 2015

I think I ended the last blog entry on Friday night, so I’m going to start with Saturday. I ventured into downtown Prague before noon. I was supposed to tour the castle with Erik and his girlfriend, but the tour was cancelled for some reason. I still hiked up to the castle, which is a bit difficult, and took some pictures. I didn’t pay to enter, as I didn’t see the point. There are only so many castles a person can pay to see in a month.

After that I walked to one of the islands in the river, I think it was under the Legii Bridge. I was supposed to meet Erik and go to a skate park for some local competition, but realized I was on the wrong island (and there are only two or three). I could have walked to the correct one, but instead headed back to pick up all my stuff so I could meet up with Iva, my newest couchsurfing hostess. It was early evening when we met up and made it back to her flat, so we didn’t go out Saturday. She made us a traditional Czech dinner that were called potato pancakes that were quite tasty. Think hash browns, but wth more ingredients.

The next morning we left early and boarded a train to Kutna Hora, about an hour away via train. Once there we toured the Sedlec Ossuary, a church with bones of 40,000 people made into sculptures. From there we went to the Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady. I’m not sure what she assumed exactly, but there was some nice artwork inside. Afterwards we walked into town about 1.5km and got some lunch at a diner. We both had goulash, another Czech dish. It was kind of similar to beef stew and came with potato dumplings. Then just a short walk away was the Church of St. Barbara, which was quite exquisite on the outside. The inside was enjoyable, but nothing spectacular. About a kilometer south of town was Bobova Draha, apparently Europe’s second longest bobsleigh track (citation needed). It was similar to the ride I took in Ljubljana, but not as fast or frightening, so not quite as fun.

After returning back to Prague on a very full train we were both pretty tired. I put on some laundry and tried (quite unsuccessfully) to sleep. The next morning (which is today I guess) I walked to a local supermarket and picked up some groceries and snack bars for the road. Now I’m just cleaning and organizing and getting some errands done. I think tomorrow Erik and I are meeting up for some sight-seeing and such.

On a side note, Iva lives outside of town, about 15 minutes by train. It’s quite nice here, much more relaxed than the city. I enjoy it here immensely. There are huge 13-story apartment structures everywhere, with parks, small diners, and outside gyms. Despite all the apartments it is still very green, and there is even a large pond nearby. I think if I had to live in Prague it would definitely be here in the suburbs, it’s just so beautiful.

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