June 15th and 16th 2015

My birthday started with an early morning trip to eastern Slovenia. First we stopped in Bohinj to see the Savica Waterfall. We parked at the bottom of the mountain and rented bikes for the strenuous 8km uphill journey. Then at the top the road stopped and we had to climb another 500 steps. I didn’t count; I was told there were 500. But the waterfall was worth it! And the bike ride back down the mountain was extremely fun, maybe even moreso because of the light rain that started.

After Bohinj we drove to Bled. Our first stop was a little diner for lunch. I had trout and a glass of wine. Then I rented a paddleboard and made my way through the lake to the church on the island. After returning my board we swam for a little in the surprisingly warm waters.

Afterwards we drove back and rested for a few hours, then about 2000 we drove into town to meet some of Nina’s friends for drinks. And drinks. And more drinks. Then some of us went to Metelkova and had a few beers and hung around there for awhile, then found some cafe that was open late and ate some falafels or something that looked like a burrito. My memory at this time was getting a little hazy.

The next morning we slept in (thankfully), but left the apartment by around 1100 and headed a little farther south. We stopped at Grad Turjak (Turjak Castle) but only had a few minutes to explore. Then we headed to our guided tour of the Krizna Jama (Cave). We had a guided tour that took us 2km deep into the cave system, mostly by raft. The sights in there were amazing, but with the limited light my camera phone just couldn’t do them justice.

After the caves we returned home and ate some pasta. The rest of the night I organized my travel plans. Although I’m still not sure what is going on exactly, I know I’m headed to Austria soon. I think I’m going to spend a few nights in Vienna before going north to Prague. Tentatively I have a ride booked that will get me as far as the Austrian border. After that, I think I’ll just hitchhike.

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