June 14th 2015

Yet another busy day in town. I started by returning to Ljubljana Castle. This time I had my Urbana tourism card, so I had a lot more access. A free ride on the funicular bypassed the terrible uphill climb I took my first day here. The torture chamber began my tour. Like most tourism sites in the city, there was a sign-in book for comments and such. I commented how much the exhibit made me home-sick. There was also a ‘virtual castle’ video presentation that provided an interesting history of the castle. A new feature, something about an underwater show, just turned out just to be a bunch of hi-def underwater pictures. Good pics, but not what I was expecting.

I don’t quite remember the order, but at some point in the afternoon I stopped by the City Museum of Ljubljana, the City Art Gallery, the Jakopic Gallery, and the Town Hall. Speaking of the tourist sign-in books in most of the major museums and galleries, for some odd reason there were FOUR in the town hall. And the town hall is really not very big. If I recall correctly there were only two floors. I don’t see the need for that many comment books.

There were several other places I visited but for numerous reasons either didn’t or couldn’t get in. The Botanic Gardens, which are a bit of a distane from the city center (even on a bike), apparently don’t accept the Urbana card. I really think the brochure should stop advertising it in that case. I was looking forward to seeing the Plecnik House, but I guess it is STILL being renovated. The National and Universtiy Library must have been closed. I walked around the building twice looking for the entrance and failed. The Slovenian School Museum also looked to be closed. And the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Art was nowhere to be found. The map places it very close to the Library, but I searched and searched and couldn’t find it.

That was my busy afternoon. I’ve checked off most of the places on my list I wanted to visit. I returned to the apartment about 1800 and was organizing my itinerary when it started lightly raining. Since I don’t get to see much rain I decided to walk around the block a few times. On the first floor of the complex is a little bakery, so I bought two slices of pizza for dinner. Tomorrow my couchsurfing hostess returns and we are leaving early on a road trip. I’m not sure exactly where, but I think Lake Bled and spelunking in some of Slovenia’s many cave systems.

But more on that later. It’s getting late and I have to be up early. Also, I think my birthday is in half an hour. Or about 8 hours if you live on the East Coast of the States. Hopefully tomorrow will prove to be exciting.

2 thoughts on “June 14th 2015

  1. Try a Mozart cake, plus hot chocolate (I was there in the winter time), at the Zvezda Café on one of the main squares. Great cake. There is another cake called a famous cream cake at Lake Bled. Ring the bell for good luck on the island in the middle of Lake Bled. Have fun whatever you do!!

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