June 13th 2015

Yesterday was a fun yet tiring day. I was up early, about 0730, but didn’t make it to the city until almost 1100. I started on the Northeaster side, near Metelkova City. Metelkova city is was a small army barracks that in the 90’s was coverted into a little hang-out area for Slovenia’s counter-culture. Today most of the buildings have been converted into hostels and bars and clubs for musicians. It’s a pretty cool place to relax in the evenings.

Nearby there are several museums. First is the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum. Then the National Museum of Slovenia, Metelkova. Followed by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Metelkova. I would go into more detail about these and the other museums, but after about eight in one day I can’t remember which was which. I’m really not too sure why a country that is younger than me needs more museums than years it is old, especially when most of them sound like the same exact museum. Can’t we just put all of them into one big building and save me hours of walking?

Regardless, I then headed to the western part of town, past the skyscraper and the twin office buildings housing the world’s largest…digital clock. Also with date and temperature. My next stop was the National Museum of Slovenia, then the National Gallery, then the Museum of Modern Art, and finally the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

Walking a few blocks north of there through Tivoli Park I found the Museum of Contemporary History. Running low on time I skipped past the International Center of Graphic Art that was only half a block away, and decided to check out the Ljubljana Zoo. The zoo was much farther from town than my map suggested. For future reference, without indicating both the cardinal directions and also the scale to which the map is printed, one can hardly call it a map. I think the correct term would be a ‘drawing.’

Well, I finally made it to the zoo around 1730. The zoo itself wasn’t too big, but I rushed through it regardless. I had a long walk back to town and hadn’t eaten yet that day. Oh, and a bit of advice: get tourism cards. I had months ago ordered a Ljubljana city tourism card, which I was able to pick up at the tourist center. So not a single one of the places I visited charged me this day. That being said, don’t order them online in advance. Both in Ireland and Ljubljana, I had to visit several tourist centers until I found THE ONLY ONE in each city that would issue pre-ordered cards. I may have saved a few dollars, but not worth the extra time spent trying to figure out where I could actually obtain my card.

Back in town I stopped by the local post office to mail out a few more post cards. I was looking for somewhere to eat dinner when I passed by a gelato stand. So I had to. I really need to stop spending money on snacks. They’re cheap but they add up quick. Still wandering around looking for food I passed a pastry shop. The donuts looked too good to pass up, and it turns out they were. Still, that’s a few more Euros. I hung around the city square for about half an hour. It was fairly packed, which is good if you like people-watching to the sound of a man by the triple bridge playing accordian. And I do, and I did.

Just a two minute walk from the square I found a pizza shop. I’d like to order something else, but the language barrier is still a bit intimidating. I gobbled down an entire pizza to myself then biked home and planned my Sunday. I have a list of about 20 things I’d like to do/see today. This time instead of parking my bike and walking everywhere I’m just going to bike everywhere, so I should be able to see much more.

My couchsurfing hostess will be back sometime tonight. Not sure when, so I figured I’d clean now just in case I’m still in the city. I picked up the apartment, took out the trash, vacuumed, washed dished, and now I’m just waiting on the laundry to finish. It’s 1015 now, so hopefullly I’ll be exploring again by 1100.

I keep forgetting tomorrow is my birthday. I guess I’m just too preoccupied with traveling. Still not sure if I’m going to celebrate in any way. Really, being on the other side of the world is celebration enough.

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