June 11th and 12th, 2015

Yesterday, Thursday June 11th, I took the Trieste tram to Opicina, where the castle Miramare was built. I didn’t actually pay to get into the castle, but I took a few pictures outside. Otherwise it was a fairly uneventful afternoon. I returned to the apartment at noon to pack up and say farewell to my couchsurfing hostess. My bus to Ljubljana departed at 1400, so I of course still had time to get gelato one last time. While waiting for the bus I met a British backpacker that was also leaving for Ljubljana, although afterwards he was traveling to Croatia. I won’t be going there for at least a month or two.

The bus ride was about three hours of gorgeous scenery. Upon arriving at the bus station my next couchsurfing hostess picked me up, and had a cold beer waiting for me. Her flat is about ten minutes outside of the city center. She is an operating room nurse in the cardiac room at the local hospital. She has another residence about half an hour away where she stays on weekends with her two boys, so I esentially have an apartment to myself for a few days. She lent me her bike and a bus card, and on the first night here she took me out for beers and falafel. I’ve been very fortunate in my couchsurfing thus far. I hope I continue to get awesome hosts!

The next day I biked into town. First area on my agenda was the central market. I explored for at least an hour, sampling many of the traditional Slovenian foods. Everything was so tasty! I didn’t actually order anything, because the language barrier still worries me slightly. So eventually I made my way back to the falafel shop and ate there, the same thing I ate the day before.

After lunch I tried to find my way to the tourist information center, but got a bit lost and wound up at Castle Ljubljana. It sits on a very high hill overlooking the city, prime for photo opportunities. From there I finally made my way to the tourist center, where I had previously ordered Urbana Cards. Two of them, each for 72 hours (originally there was to be another person with me). So for 144 hour…6 days I think…I get free bus travel and entrance into all the city attractions and museums. So that is what I plan on doing the next few days.

After all that I tried to bike back taking a different route, and severely regret even trying. I got lost and had to backtrack for about an hour. Next time I’ll just stick to the main roads. Probably.  Back at the apartment I got hungry around 1900, and luckily there is a small shopping center and restaurant downstairs.  Unluckily the menu was not in English. I literally just pointed to whatever was listed in the exact center of the list, and it turned out to be some kind of meat and cheese patty with tortilla-type bread. It was really good, but I still have no idea what I ate. I will post pictures of everything within a few days.

The next few days will be much more eventful. I plan on exploring the city Saturday and Sunday, with a better idea now of where I want to go and what I want to see. Nina, my hostess, will be back Monday morning, and we are going out of the city for a few days. I think we are going spelunking and to see Lake Bled. I can’t wait to see the rest of Slovenia!

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