June 29th 2015

I spend most of the morning/afternoon running errands and organizing everything. At about 1600 I took the train to the last stop on the yellow line, Zlicin. There is a fairly large shopping center there, and Iva had recommended I go there to have copies made of her apartment keys. I searched and searched but […]

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After trying several apps I think I’ve finally picked one for photos. This way I can upload them publicly so we don’t have to be Facebook friends for everyone to see them. However, they won’t be organized or tagged or filtered or captioned. That’s just too much work. But try it and let me know […]

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June 27th – 29th 2015

I think I ended the last blog entry on Friday night, so I’m going to start with Saturday. I ventured into downtown Prague before noon. I was supposed to tour the castle with Erik and his girlfriend, but the tour was cancelled for some reason. I still hiked up to the castle, which is a […]

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June 25th and 26th 2015

Awww….wordpress has a cute little rainbow on the top of their webpage to celebrate the SCOTUS ruling today. How nice of them. Yesterday was a long day, but I guess the traveling part of vacationing usually is. I hiked about 4km in the hot sun to a McDonald’s by Ober St. Wein, where my next […]

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June 21st – 25th, 2015

I’m not keeping up with this travel blog as much as I’d like, with good reason. First of all, I sometimes spend 14-16 hours exploring. That leaves little time for writing before or after. Secondly, it’s somewhat inconvenient to write this with a tablet and bluetooth keyboard. It takes a lot longer that with a […]

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June 15th and 16th 2015

My birthday started with an early morning trip to eastern Slovenia. First we stopped in Bohinj to see the Savica Waterfall. We parked at the bottom of the mountain and rented bikes for the strenuous 8km uphill journey. Then at the top the road stopped and we had to climb another 500 steps. I didn’t […]

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June 14th 2015

Yet another busy day in town. I started by returning to Ljubljana Castle. This time I had my Urbana tourism card, so I had a lot more access. A free ride on the funicular bypassed the terrible uphill climb I took my first day here. The torture chamber began my tour. Like most tourism sites […]

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June 13th 2015

Yesterday was a fun yet tiring day. I was up early, about 0730, but didn’t make it to the city until almost 1100. I started on the Northeaster side, near Metelkova City. Metelkova city is was a small army barracks that in the 90’s was coverted into a little hang-out area for Slovenia’s counter-culture. Today […]

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June 11th and 12th, 2015

Yesterday, Thursday June 11th, I took the Trieste tram to Opicina, where the castle Miramare was built. I didn’t actually pay to get into the castle, but I took a few pictures outside. Otherwise it was a fairly uneventful afternoon. I returned to the apartment at noon to pack up and say farewell to my […]

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