Last-Minute Updates and Clarifications

So not only have I made several changes to plans, mostly concerning lodging, my sister has just returned from Italy and has requested an updated itinerary so as to give applicable advice. While I’m on the subject, feel free to subscribe to both her travel blog and mine.  Her’s is certainly much more interesting than mine. So far.

It begins on Sunday the 31st. Sarah and I fly out of Sky Harbor Airport at 0600 and land in Dublin the next day hopefully by 1030. I don’t believe any of the activities in Dublin have changed, so I’ll skip over those as they can be found in previous blogs. Since the first night will just be Sarah and I, I was able find, via AirBnB, a nice apartment on Drumcorda Road Upper with two beds for just $40.

The next morning we’ll meet up with Kayla at the airport very early. Now having three in our party, AirBnB becomes a little expensive and couchsurfing is right out. Therefor I booked us into a fairly cheap three-bed private hostel on Camden Place. I know private rooms are excessive when budget traveling, but it was only $30 each per night, which is only AT MOST $10 extra. Just so there are no misconceptions, after the 7th day I will be alone and will save as much money as possible by couchsurfing and/or sleeping in big dorm rooms. However, since it is only one week I’ll treat my companion(s) to slightly nicer accommodations.

The three of us fly out of Dublin and into Rome early morning Thursday. We are due to land at 1030, and have a Colosseum walking tour at 1500. Other than the tour I have no set plans in Rome, as obviously time will be a huge factor in our plans. That evening I believe Kayla is flying out to Germany, and Sarah and I are heading north. My initial plan was to book a ride to Portofino via Blablacar. While this is still a viable option, I may decide to either stop a little short in Rapallo or continue a little farther to Genoa. Additionally, we may decide on a night train, which would take a few hours longer but provide us with “lodging.” We may have to sleep on a train because the AirBnB residences and hostels I found in the area have limited check-in times. So if we hitch a ride via Blablacar and get into the area around 0200, it would be too late to check into our hostel. In order to have a place to sleep, we may need to take an eight-hour train and arrive early in the morning.

And we need to be in the area by early in the morning. Portofino is known for being the best place to scuba dive on mainland Italy. The companies I’ve researched all start between 0800 and 1000, and we may stay and do two dives, which would last until probably around 1400. After that we take a 2+ hour car ride north to Milan. We should have time for a quick dinner, a tour of the Piazza del Duomo, and a few hours at the World Fair.

From Milan we are heading north again, during a 3.5-hour ride, into the Italian Alps. Originally I had planned to spend the night in Trento, but our white-water rafting is in Dimaro, and hour away from Trento. As such, I think we may just get a ride into Dimaro. I’ve actually found much better accommodations in Dimaro than in Trento anyway. I’m contacting the rafting company and attempting to change the time of our reservations to earlier in the day, but so far they have not replied. Either way, before or after rafting, we will have to at least pass through Trento. They have a museum there with a temporary exhibit that I simply MUST see.

From Trento we are possibly taking another night train to Rimini, again mostly for the purposes of lodging. If we use Blablacar to secure a ride, it will only take 4 hours, but it may be difficult to find a place to sleep if we arrive early in the morning. This will be the last leg of our trip. We’ll have almost a full day to tour Rimini. I’ve found some things to do, but haven’t set anything in stone. I think Sarah has to be at her school by around 1900. I haven’t decided yet, but I most likely will book a hostel for another night in Rimini, just to rest after such a hectic week. From there I think I am heading to Ljubljana, and after a week or two traveling north through Austria and into Czech Republic.

From there, who knows. I don’t know and I don’t care to know. This trip would progress drastically different if it didn’t match up with Sarah’s Italy trip. I may be spending a bit more the first seven days, but it’s certainly going to be an unforgettable experience!

P.S. – 11 days and 14 hours and 55 minutes!

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