Bon Voyage!

Less than two weeks left in the States, and still so much to do. First and foremost I have to find out where in limbo my almost $2000 I transferred out of T.D. Ameritrade is hiding. It’s been several days since the transaction, and I still can’t find the moneys anywhere.

Additionally, I still have to finish packing and moving out. I’m hoping to sell about 95% of my belongings in a yard sale this weekend. Planning on keeping just a little bit of furniture from my bedroom. Everything else is just excess.

So, quick recap. Friday, May 29th is my last day at work and afterwards I’ll be hosting a farewell party. Saturday the 30th I’ll be in Tuscon to attend a live show by Eddie Izzard. Then Sunday morning Sarah and I fly out at 0600. Kayla will only be joining us for three days in Ireland, so most of the first week will just be Sarah and I, and after Rimini on the 7th I’ll start my solo journey, most likely still heading towards Ljubljana.

Well, just wanted to get in a quick update before departure. Next time I write I’ll be on the other side of the world. Bon voyage!!

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