Updated Itinerary

In order to get the most from our first week abroad, I am going to have to cut out a few cities in Italy. We will still spend the first three days in Dublin and fly into Rome early on the 4th of June.  Unfortunately we will only have one day in Rome, and that evening will already be on our way to Portofino. After scuba and other activities we will spend the rest of the evening in Milan at the World Fair. Staying the night in Trento will give us an entire day, Saturday the 6th, to explore the area. I truly wish we had a full week for Trento, with all the activities I have found, but one day will have to suffice. The following day we’ll head to Rimini, and spend all day wandering around that part of the Adriatic Coast.

So those are the tentative revisions. We’ll no longer be visiting Lago di Garda or Venice. I may or may not have to cut Milan out of the picture if we run out of time. On the 8th of June we’ll head to Ljubljana. I’ve found some amazing activities to do in Slovenia’s capital, such as the Open Kitchen on Fridays, the Antique Flea Market on Sundays, the museum displaying the 1001 Inventions exhibition, the Museums on a Summer Night on June 20th, the FLOW Festival, The Live Literature Festival, the Lighting Guerilla Festival, the Mind Maze, and the Roman Emona Tour. And there are tons more to experience with all the sightseeing, galleries, theaters, cinemas, and museums. Apart from all of that, for 9 straight days in June they celebrate with daily festivals and performances! With all of the possible culture, I’m thinking I may spend most of June in Ljubljana before heading north, possibly either to Bled or Prague.

Well that’s all I’ve currently researched. We’re down to 38 days, 11 hours, and 33 minutes!

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