Lago di Garda

June 6th 2015

I know what you may be thinking: that the cover picture is a clever attempt at subliminal imagery. Well, it’s also a clever attempt at liminal imagery. It’s a map of Lago di Garda, where we will be spending our next afternoon. This is also where my trip planning breaks down. There is just SO much to do on the lake. We will be in the North of Lago di Garda, on the tip if you will, in the Arco, Torbole, Riva del Garda area. We’d better wake up early, because by 1400 we have to depart North. But while we are there, we have so many options. Several lake activities include kitesurfing (possibly my favorite) and windsurfing. Several sky activities include parasailing and paragliding. Then also we can go mountain climbing or canyoning. ( Regardless I plan on riding the sky tram to Monte Baldo before we get too far north. (

The part of Italy encompassing these activities is a commune named Trentino, and I wish we had several weeks to see all the sights. After doing as much as humanly possible in Arco, we’ll head north just a bit to Trento. At 1500 we have reservations for Val di Sole class 4/5 white water rafting in the Italian Alps (, which may possibly be the most fun in the history of ever. Afterwards we will have about one hour (not nearly enough) to check out The Muse ( I am especially anxious to see the “Beyond the Limit: A Journey to the Frontiers of Knowledge” exhibit. After The Muse and dinner in Trento, we will be on our way to Venice, where we should arrive by 2200. Thus marks the end of our 6th day abroad. Stay tuned and I will soon post the last day I have planned.

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