Updated Itinerary

In order to get the most from our first week abroad, I am going to have to cut out a few cities in Italy. We will still spend the first three days in Dublin and fly into Rome early on the 4th of June.  Unfortunately we will only have one day in Rome, and that […]

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

For the next 53 days, my blog is going to be mostly minor updates about what has already been planned and any progress that I make. So tentatively, after Italy we are heading to Slovenia. At this point in the trip Sarah will stay in Rimini for school, so it will just be Kayla and […]

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Lago di Garda

June 6th 2015 I know what you may be thinking: that the cover picture is a clever attempt at subliminal imagery. Well, it’s also a clever attempt at liminal imagery. It’s a map of Lago di Garda, where we will be spending our next afternoon. This is also where my trip planning breaks down. There […]

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Portofino, Italy

June 5th, 2015 Friday and Saturday will by far be the most exciting of our week-long journey. We’ll stay the night in Portofino after arriving from Rome on the 4th. After a quick breakfast we have scuba diving reservations planned in the Marine Park, the most popular scuba destination on mainland Italy. It is home […]

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When in Rome

June 4th, 2015 Italy is going to be a much different pace than Dublin. Instead of one city, we are hoping to hit up six, with the same amount of time. Let’s see how well this works out. We start in Rome, landing at about 1000. After hitting up the local tourist office, I intend […]

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Dublin, Ireland June 2015

The following are my tentative plans for the first leg of our trip, which will take place in Dublin, Ireland from June 1 – June 4. While most of my journey will not have a single set plan, for the first week I will be with friends, and would like to make sure they have […]

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