In the beginning

So the current generalized plan, as of March 21st, 2015, is to backpack across Eastern Europe starting in June. This all started from an idea tossed around between my sister and I several months ago and has evolved into a solo trip with no set return date. About one month ago, a friend told me she was traveling to Italy in the beginning of June, so we decided to fly together. After quite a bit of airline searching using SkyScanner, I found that if we fly into Dublin first (with an indefinite layover) and then on to Rome we could save about $100.

So that’s the plan, and just about the entire one at this point. May 30th I will be visiting Tuscon to see Eddie Izzard’s ‘Force Majeure’ gig at the Fox Theater. May 31st I will board Iberian Air en route to Dublin, Ireland. After several days enjoying the Irish scenery it’s on to Rome, Milan (for the World’s Fair), and Venice. Those are the only real plans I’ve made, and most likely the only real plans I will make. Otherwise, I’m just going to wing it and see where I end up.

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