It’s Official

Plane tickets are purchased! At least I assume. There was a little bit of a glitch the first time I tried to buy tickets, but I hope everything is all worked out and ready to go. Turns out this excursion is turning into a party, too. Now Kayla will be joining Sarah and I for […]

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The Little Things

Who knew so much effort went into planning a holiday? The only other major vacation I have taken was two years ago in Costa Rica. I planned for that as much as I could for two months prior. I had the hostels all picked out and reserved, I had a respectable itinerary for the two-week […]

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In the beginning

So the current generalized plan, as of March 21st, 2015, is to backpack across Eastern Europe starting in June. This all started from an idea tossed around between my sister and I several months ago and has evolved into a solo trip with no set return date. About one month ago, a friend told me […]

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Welcome to My Travel Blog!

Being my first post, and also being that I have to work in an hour, I will keep this fairly short and sweet. I am planning the first of many (hopefully) travels to distant lands, and I would like to document my experiences and thoughts.  This includes all the planning as well, because my first […]

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